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USpring Mentorship Program: Facilitating Professional Development for Ukrainians in Switzerland


Since October 2023, the USpring mentorship program has been actively supporting Ukrainian professionals who aspire to advance their careers in Switzerland. Our mission is to foster strong connections between Ukrainians and experienced mentors living both in Switzerland and beyond.


Key objectives of the program:

Providing qualified advice for professional and personal development.

Offering an objective assessment of the current situation.

Creating an environment for discussions, idea generation, and exploring opportunities for their further implementation.


Principles of USpring mentorship:

Mentorship at USpring does not involve instructions on job acquisition or mastering 21st-century technologies. Our strategy is based on building trust-based, two-way relationships aimed at exchanging knowledge, experience, and perspectives between different generations. Facilitating the creation of a strong partnership for personal and professional growth.

Interaction between mentors and mentees:

Mentors support Ukrainian professionals with advice and solutions for daily professional challenges. In turn, mentees share their own insights and experiences with mentors, which is mutually beneficial for both parties.


Expansion of the program:

Following a successful launch and positive feedback from the first 10 mentor-mentee pairs, the USpring program is pleased to announce the launch of USpring+, a program aimed at supporting the social integration of Ukrainian refugees in the Canton of Vaud, focusing on the principle of "Ukrainians helping Ukrainians." The USpring+ mentorship support program is supported by the Association Ukraine reborn and the Etablissement Vaudois d'Accueil des Migrants (EVAM).

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